June 16, 2010
June 16, 2010

Contest Bee Giveaway: Win Toy Story and Toy Story 2 on DVD/Blu-ray – CLOSED

Toy Story Movie GiveawayTHIS CONTEST IS CLOSED – – Congratulations to our winner @oathcontests (Twitter entry) – Thank You to everybody that entered. Check back next month for another giveway.

Toy Story 3 is released in movie theaters on June 18th, 2010, and we can’t wait!

To celebrate, we are giving away special edition DVD/Blu-ray versions of the original Toy Story and Toy Story 2 movies for one lucky winner to enjoy.

These 2-disc combo packs are packed with special features, great for kids and adults! The Toy Story 2 DVD even comes with an offer for a free movie ticket!

This Giveaway is Easy to Enter:

Toy Story DVD Contest

– Just leave a comment below and we’ll give you one entry. Comments are moderated, so your comment may not show up immediately. Only leave one comment.

– Bonus Entry: You can also enter (or gain a bonus entry) on Twitter. Just Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter to gain an entry. For your Twitter entry to be valid, you must follow @ContestBee on Twitter and include the following link “http://bit.ly/aoE1aZ” in your tweet.

Example Tweet: β€œI want to win Toy Story and Toy Story 2 on DVD. http://bit.ly/aoE1aZ (Follow @ContestBee and RT to enter)β€œ

This giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents aged 18 years and older. This giveaway ends on June 23rd, 2010 when a winner will be randomly selected and announced on this page. Contest Bee reserves the right to end the contest early or disqualify any entry. Good Luck!

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58 thoughts on “Contest Bee Giveaway: Win Toy Story and Toy Story 2 on DVD/Blu-ray – CLOSED”

  1. I am throwing my son a Toy Story birthday party,it would be nice to give him the dvd a one of his gifts

  2. Oooo….i’d love to win this set! This was the first movie- theater movie my new high school graduate went to…..would love to give it to him as he heads off to school. πŸ™‚

  3. I would love to win this set. I have been waiting for 11 years for Toy Story 3.

  4. Would love to win! My son LOVES Toy Story and we currently only have the movies on VHS. Would love to upgrade to DVD or Blueray!!

  5. Can’t wait for Toy Story 3 to come out tomorrow…and really would love to watch Toy Story and Toy Story 2 with my kids again at home!

  6. I grew up with this movie series and am hoping to watch and share these films with my nieces and nephews because they are some of the best quality entertainment a person could possibly want!!!
    Dvd or blu ray would be a blessing in and of itself; I’d love to cherish these movies with my relatives and bring them up as another Toy Story Generation!!!

  7. I want to win this giveaway so badly. We had Toy story 1 & 2 on dvd and we lost them in a house fire. I have never replaced them and would absolutely be thrilled (and my kiddos too) to have them once again.

  8. Toy Story 2…. It’s rare for a sequel to outstrip its predecessor, but Toy Story 2 succeeds admirably.

  9. I have been waiting 11 years for another Toy Story Movie… the first two are CLASSICS… hopefully, Toy Story 3 will be AWESOME!

  10. I tweeted the following: β€œI want to win Toy Story and Toy Story 2 on DVD. http://bit.ly/aoE1aZ (Follow @ContestBee and RT to enter)β€œ


    My granddaughter is going to see the movie today with her mother, she would love to have the first two on dvd, include me in your giveaway.


  11. would love to win! i have toy story 1 on VHS from like 15 YEARS AGO!
    twitter: @soulhorse

  12. We loved Toy Story when it came out in the Theatres. Having a Blu-ray set would be heaven!
    Thank you for offering this giveaway.

  13. Hi! I would love to win these for the kids! We haven’t seen either of these and they keep asking me to see the 3rd one that is out! Thank you!

  14. I would love to win these. Toy story 1 & 2 are two of my favorite movies. My son hasn’t seen them yet. I’d love to share these with him.

  15. We loved both TS & TS2. In fact, we’re going to see TS3 in 3-D this weekend. These movies are great family entertainment!

  16. Would love to win Toy Story & Toy Story 2 on DVD/Blu-ray!

    Thanks for the Contest!


  17. Both Toy Story 1 and 2 are wonderful! Toy Story is my favorite pixar movie of all time! Would love to win to watch them again and again!

  18. This is my mom’s favorite movie’s, and she’d be so happy to get them. I’m also following on Twitter @AdPixels

  19. My granddaughter would love this as Toy Story is one of her favorite movies to watch over and over! β™₯ Thanks for a great giveaway! tweeting @Dutchbrosluv and following @ContestBee
    β€œI want to win Toy Story and Toy Story 2 on DVD. http://bit.ly/aoE1aZ (Follow @ContestBee and RT to enter)β€œβ™₯

  20. It would be awesome if I won because I’ve been trying to save up money to buy Toy Story and Toy Story 2 on DVD. I only have Toy Story on VHS. My brother and I love this movie and I will be so happy if I win so my brother and me could watch it together.

  21. Just saw Toy Story 3 in the theater and I’d love to own 1 and 2! Used to own them on VHS but misplaced our copies.

  22. I love toy story! And i think my brother would love to have it on dvd…use to be his favourite movie πŸ™‚

  23. I love Toy Story and I can’t wait till my Baby Girl will be old enough to watch these great movies.

  24. My kids and i both love the toy story movies, and would love to have these as an addition to our collection!

  25. I love Toy Story! Just saw the third one in theaters and it brought tears to my eyes it was so good.

  26. I would really love to win toy story I have 9 grandbabies that would just love it.

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